Getting the Most From Affirmations – Watch Your Daily Conversations!

Daryl is a money-conscious fellow, but not in a positive way. He focuses on LACK of money rather than the abundance of it. He never seems to have enough of it. Well, one day he learns about daily affirmations and how they can help him achieve financial independence. Sounds screwy, but what the heck, he decides to give it a shot. Every morning and evening he tells himself, “I am becoming more wealthy every day.” But nothing seems to happen. He forgot something important: He needs to monitor and adjust his thinking the rest of the day, too!

Whenever Daryl talks to people, the conversation often turns to money. An old friend mentions that Fred and Norma bought a new house in the country, and Daryl says in disbelief, “I don’t see how they can afford it! Where do they get that kind of money?” A co-worker talks about riding horses, and Daryl says, “Yeah, but it sounds fun, but it’s an expensive hobby. Not many people can afford it.” A relative announces that he bought a new car, and Daryl cries, “That must have cost a fortune!”

Even though Daryl is repeating his daily affirmations faithfully every morning and night, he’s not doing anything about his negative beliefs about money the rest of the day. It even creeps into his daily conversation.

If he wants to attract more money into his life, he needs to change his thinking. It’s not enough to simply repeat positive money affirmations faithfully at certain times of the day. He needs to eliminate (or at least neutralize) those negative thoughts about money the rest of the time. Part of that means stopping those pessimistic, cynical comments from escaping his lips during conversation.

Mind you, positive thinking alone won’t make Daryl wealthier. However, if he continues repeating negative affirmations to himself, he’s going to keep missing out on those opportunities to make more money. He’s not going to be motivated to do things that will make him wealthy, because he won’t see the point. As far as his unconscious mind is concerned, it’s all useless and self-defeating.

Don’t make the mistake of repeating positive affirmations and then dwelling on negative thoughts the rest of the day. Getting the most from affirmations means changing your thinking altogether.

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Xavier Doherty Profile

Following Brad Hogg’s retirement, Xavier Doherty will be keen to press his claims as a potential one-day international spinner having carved a limited-overs niche with Tasmania. He was the state’s one-day player of the year in 2006-07, when he collected 11 wickets at 29.72, and was the joint winner of the same award in 2007-08. That season he was one of four men to top the competition wicket tally with 15 at 25.53, including 4 for 18 in the final as Tasmania secured the limited-overs trophy. The repeated successes earned him a place in the Australia A one-day team that toured India in 2008 and he was picked for his first taste with the national side for a Twenty20 match against an All-Stars team in November 2008. His handy lower-order batting adds to his limited-overs value and his first hint of potential higher honours came when the national selectors named him in the preliminary 30-man squad for the 2008 Champions Trophy, which was ultimately postponed. ORIGINAL ARTICLE  READ FULL ARTICLE
Xavier Doherty Profile
Xavier Doherty Profile

Big things were expected of Doherty, a left-arm orthodox spinner, after he starred at the Under-19 World Cup and was given a Tasmanian debut at 19 in 2001-02. Since then he has struggled for lasting impact in the Pura Cup but with slow-bowling positions opening up in the Test squad, he will also be desperate to win back his place in Tasmania’s first-class team. A 2001 Academy graduate and Prime Minister’s XI representative in 2004, Doherty was not used in the Pura Cup in 2007-08 as Jason Krejza was preferred and he must reduce his first-class average a long way below its current mark of 56.23 to get more regular opportunities in the longer format.
Full name Xavier John Doherty

Born November 22, 1982, Scottsdale, Tasmania

Current age
28 years 13 days

Major teams Australia, Australia A, Tasmania


Batting style Left-hand bat

Bowling style Slow left-arm orthodox

Height 1.78 m

Relation Brother – PN Doherty
Batting and fielding averages
Mat Inns NO Runs HS Ave BF SR 100 50 4s 6s Ct St
Tests 1 1 0 16 16 16.00 30 53.33 0 0 2 0 0 0
ODIs 2 1 1 3 3* – 2 150.00 0 0 0 0 0 0
First-class 36 59 11 659 53* 13.72 1808 36.44 0 2 13 0
List A 88 49 21 523 53 18.67 717 72.94 0 1 30 0
Twenty20 21 9 5 74 33 18.50 60 123.33 0 0 3 3 10 0
Bowling averages

Mat Inns Balls Runs Wkts BBI BBM Ave Econ SR 4w 5w 10
Tests 1 2 293 148 2 2/41 2/148 74.00 3.03 146.5 0 0 0
ODIs 2 2 84 63 4 4/46 4/46 15.75 4.50 21.0 1 0 0
First-class 36 7403 4202 86 6/149 48.86 3.40 86.0 2 3 0
List A 88 3979 3062 108 4/18 4/18 28.35 4.61 36.8 7 0 0
Twenty20 21 21 444 609 11 2/26 2/26 55.36 8.22 40.3 0 0 0 Career statistics
Only Test
Australia v England at Brisbane, Nov 25-29, 2010
ODI debut
Australia v Sri Lanka at Melbourne, Nov 3, 2010
Last ODI
Australia v Sri Lanka at Brisbane, Nov 7, 2010

First-class debut 2001/02
Last First-class
Australia v England at Brisbane, Nov 25-29, 2010
List A debut

How To Learn Hebrew

There are many different ways that you can learn Hebrew. With all the choices, you have to determine which option is going to work best for you and which option is not going to. It really comes down to the personal preference of the people that want to learn Hebrew, and a lot of options come down to the cost of the program and how effective it is. There are many people that are just unable to use the methods that they want for learning Hebrew because they are so expensive. Start researching the different options for learning Hebrew to see what fits you the best.

1Software Programs for Learning Hebrew

There are a lot of software programs for learning Hebrew. Youll find that you will have so many different choices for software programs and youll have to determine which one works the best for you. With these programs, they use a variety of different learning techniques to help you learn the language that you are trying to master. With software programs, learning Hebrew will be a little bit more difficult than if you actually take a class with a teacher or if you take a study abroad program, but it is still a great way that you can learn Hebrew.

1Classroom Study for Learning Hebrew

There are many local classroom studies to learn Hebrew. Here, you will get more of a group setting to learn Hebrew; you will also get some one on one time. These classroom studies are generally held at a college or university, they also may be held at a Jewish center that promotes teaching Hebrew to preserve the culture and religion that they support. The classroom programs are a great method to learn Hebrew through because you will be able to have the benefit of an instructor that will help you through any troubles that you have.

2Study Abroad Programs for Learning Hebrew

The most intensive way to learn Hebrew is through a study abroad program. Study abroad programs are great because they totally immerse you in the language. Studies have shown that immersion is the best way to learn a language because not only are you generally getting classroom instruction, but you are also getting immersed in the culture, which forces you to speak the language because everyone around you is. Generally, if you want to learn Hebrew through a study abroad program, you are going to need to head to Israel where the most people speak Hebrew.

Learning Hebrew is possible, and there are many different ways that you are able to learn it. What you have to determine is which of these methods is going to work the best for you and how dedicated you are to learning the language. While the best choice is always an immersion program, it may not be a choice for all people that want to learn Hebrew, so if that wont work for you, look at the other ways that you can get the hang of this language.

Learn Hebrew – Hebrew Lessons at The Speed of Light. allows students to learn the Hebrew language in a very flexible environment without interfering with other activities and use the Hebrew language actively in a very short time.

Ju Jitsu Jigoro Kano – Part 1

In 1877 an eighteen-year-old Tokyo University arts student named Jigoro Kano, the son of an important official in the Japanese navy, began to practice ju-jitsu in the Tenshin Shin’yo Ryu with Master Fukuda. Jigoro Kano was a young man with an inferiority complex that led him to push himself to exceed in many areas. His main motivation for doing ju-jitsu stemmed from having been a sickly child who felt the need to strengthen and toughen himself up. As well as studying English and German with native teachers and Japanese literature and general culture at Tokyo University, he made time to train in ju-jitsu. As his studies progressed he realized that while there were many negative aspects to ju-jitsu with which he was not in agreement, it also contained a considerable cultural heritage, which was in danger of being lost for ever as the twentieth century loomed closer. He recognized an educational potential within ju-jitsu that inspired increasingly deeper study.

When Master Fukuda died in 1879 Kano continued studying with Mataemon Iso of the Tenshin Shin’yo Ryu. Following the death of Master Iso in 1881 he began to train in the Kito Ryu with Master Okuba. By 1882, having inherited the scrolls of the Tenshin Shin’yo Ryu and with his own ideas beginning to crystallize, Kano established his own dojo for the study of those aspects of the old ju-jitsu systems that he thought valuable. His new system, which he began to teach in the Buddhist temple of Enshoji, with only nine pupils, was called judo. Rather than just involving simple training in self defence, it was conceived as a vehicle for physical and cultural development. He named his new school the Kodokan, the place for studying the way.

The big advantage Kano’s judo had over other systems was that with atemi-waza, the dangerous kicks, strikes and punches, removed from the system and regular practice of ukemi-waza (falling techniques), it had become possible to evolve the randori (free play) method of training. The traditional schools only practiced kata, which involved going through prearranged series of techniques with unresisting partners, so while pupils developed high levels of skill, they had no real experience of actually fighting. Randori allowed Kano’s pupils to grapple, in the same way that boxers spar to prepare them for the realities of combat, trying out techniques on one another with varying degrees of resistance and intensity.

The effectiveness of Kano’s method soon became well known as a result of successive victories by his students in a number of ju-jitsu tournaments, organized along the lines of combat sports events by Mr Mishima, the head of Tokyo’s Metropolitan Police. In the early days there were a number of challenges and confrontations with representatives of the ju-jitsu schools who wanted to test the efficacy of this new system. Kano’s students, particularly Yamashita, Yokoyama and Saigo, had to confront the best ju-jitsu fighters of the day and always won. The most famous contest was between a ju-jitsu expert called Nakamura and Saigo of the Kodokan, who eventually defeated his opponent with a devastating yama-arashi or mountain storm throw.

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Hebrew Ulpan

There are a number of ways to learn Hebrew. One way is through a school which teaches intensive Hebrew known as the Ulpan. There are many schools where you can get advanced lessons in the language. Hebrew Ulpan is simply an institution or school that gives Hebrew lessons through immersion.
Hebrew Ulpan is generally in Israel. It is where many people from many different countries to learn the Hebrew language. As Israels official language is Hebrew, there is no better place to learn. Ulpan allows you to be totally immersed in the language which forces you to learn at a faster pace.
Ulpan is the best school in Israel where one can learn the more classical Hebrew and the modern version. Hebrew Ulpan ensures that students can speak and write Hebrew like someone who was a native.

Hebrew Ulpan is just like regular schools that have several grade levels. Such levels depend on the performance of the students. The goal of an Ulpan is to ensure that they offer students the chance to have conversations with those who are native speakers of Hebrew. The students can read Hebrew books and be totally surrounded by the language. This is to give students memorable experiences that may entice them to stay in Israel longer than they planned.
In Israel, there are different Hebrew Ulpan. They differ in their programs and their rates. There are some Ulpan that teach only basic and practical Hebrew. Others teach all the language has to offer so their students may speak like a native.

Choosing the right Ulpan for you is essential. It all depends on the reason why you are interested in learning the language. If you only want to learn the basics, it will take a relatively short time. Mastering Hebrew through Ulpan can take many months.

You would be best served by choosing an Ulpan that has been reviewed by students as very effective. You can try to look for a Hebrew Ulpan that is economical and effective at making their students quickly. Asking for comments from previous Ulpan students will help you make a good decision.
Hebrew Ulpan is also available online. There are so many Ulpan in Israel that offers programs online. This is a good option if you want to learn Hebrew through Hebrew Ulpan without having to travel to Israel. Online Hebrew Ulpan offer programs that utilize a combination of audio, video, and reading material in the form of ebooks. The online Ulpan also has interactive lessons that give you the chance to learn the same way as those students in Hebrew Ulpan in Israel. There are online Ulpan that offer cultural trips to Israel where their students can get the chance to interact with the people of Israel.
Ulpan is a good institution for learning the Hebrew language using programs you can get nowhere else. Hebrew lessons are taken by expert instructors and this ensures that the best teaching methods are being used.
If you are looking for a way to learn the Hebrew language, the most effective way would be through a Hebrew Ulpan.

Learn Hebrew – Hebrew Lessons at The Speed of Light. Ulpan Or allows students to learn the Hebrew language in a very flexible environment without interfering with other activities and use the Hebrew language actively in a very short time.

Ashley Ellis Appoints New VP Of Administration As Company Thrives

Chicago, IL – Ashley Ellis LLC, an IT staffing/recruiting firm, announced today that Mike Norman has been appointed to Vice President of Administration. As Ashley Ellis continues to expand and bring a greater depth of services to job seekers and employers within the thriving IT industry, Norman will facilitate this rapid growth, overseeing and building the company’s infrastructure.

As Ashley Ellis expands to cater the growing demand within the IT industry, Norman’s role will focus on the administration of three existing Ashley Ellis offices in Naperville, IL, Chicago, IL, and Atlanta, GA, as well as all future branches, including Houston and Dallas, TX, due to open in the first quarter of 2011.

“I am very happy to welcome Mike to this role and to the Ashley Ellis corporate team,” Brad Imhoff, CEO, commented; “It’s an exciting and industrious time here at Ashley Ellis, and Mike will be an invaluable asset in expediting efforts behind the scenes.”

Norman joins Ashley Ellis after 25 years of experience and a proven track record of excellence in accounting and administration. He began his career on the personal staff of W. Clement Stone, philanthropist and billionaire. Norman’s career also includes previous roles with such companies as DEC Computer Corp. and Apple Computer Inc., as well as a number of staffing and recruiting firms.

About Ashley Ellis:

Ashley Ellis LLC is a staffing and contingency recruiting firm, specializing in connecting talented Information Technology professionals with reputable organizations.

Ashley Ellis provides the power and resources of a global firm with the sensible, confidential, and professional approach of a specialized boutique firm. Built on a backbone of knowledgeable and professional Search Executives, Ashley Ellis is dedicated to understanding the goals and objectives of every client and candidate.

Visit our website at:

Corporate Contact Information

184 Shuman Blvd. Ste 420
Naperville, IL 60563

contact ( @ ) ashleyellis dot com


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